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PDV-1000 Positive Displacement Auger Valve


The PDV-1000 series of precision auger valves is suitable for dispensing medium to high viscosity pastes, epoxies, solder pastes and other filled materials. Capable of dispensing a minimum shot size of 0.020″ (0.508mm), the PDV-1000 uses an Archimedes auger servo-motor driven-screw for positive displacement.


• Designed for dispensing Solder Paste
• Minimum shot size of 0.00003cc
• Stainless Steel manufacturing
• Flexible coupling from motor to screw
• No dead space ensures high repeatability

Motor voltage:     24V
Motor no-load speed:     6400rpm
Auger material:     Stainless steel
Minimum material viscosity:     35,000cps
Minimum shot size (filled materials):     0.020″ (0.508mm)
Gearbox ratio:     16:2
Weight:     9 oz (255gm)


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