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DC High Voltage Power Supply Series: SS Type: 15, 17, 19

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Compact and lightweight High Voltage Power Supplies are realized by developing small size H. V. block and hybrid IC consisting of MOSFET and custom IC

Industrial Properties : 3 Patent (pending)




  • Compact size and light weight
  • High reliability and High function
  • Supplemental functions against abnormal load such as output arcing, output short circuit and etc available

Module size
A: Standard spec………….20 mm H above PWB
(Constant current droppings)
B: Arcing energy suppression
C: Short circuit stop 23 mm H above PWB
D: Arcing count stop
Transformer size
15, 17 type………………. 20 mm H above PWB
19 type…………………… 25 mm H above PWB



Recommended Applications


  • Plain paper copier
  • Laser beam printer
  • Air cleaner



Ratings  l Typical Spec. (EX.1 output)




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