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WAW-1000A/2000A microcomputer controlled electro-hydraulic servo universal testing machine


WAW-1000A/2000A microcomputer controlled electro-hydraulic servo universal testing machine is mainly used for tensile, compression, bending, shearing and other tests of metal materials, adding simple accessories and devices, and also for wood, cement, concrete, rubber and Its products are tested.
The main engine adopts the upper structure of the oil cylinder, and the stretching space is located below the main machine. The compression and bending test space is located between the oil cylinder seat and the upper jaw base of the main machine, and the test space is adjusted by the movement of the upper jaw seat.
The measurement and control system adopts the microcomputer-controlled electro-hydraulic servo measurement and control system independently researched and developed by the company. The force measurement of the sensor and the display of the test force, deformation and various test curves on the computer screen enable constant velocity test force, constant velocity deformation, constant velocity displacement and load retention. , displacement maintenance and other control methods, can automatically calculate various values in accordance with GB/T228-2002 , and can print a variety of test reports (requires special customization), users can also edit the format of the test report.


Serial number Technical indicators WAW-1000A WAW-2000A
1 Maximum test force kN 1000 2000
2 Test force accuracy ± 1%
3 Test force measurement range 2%~100% of the  maximum test force is not divided
4 Test space (including piston stroke) length mm Stretch 780 850
5 compression 650 720
6 Distance between columns (mm) Pull 675 Pull 900
7 Pressure 490 Pressure 690
8 Host weight (KG) 5000 10400
9 Deformation measuring amplifier attenuation factor 2%~100% is  not divided
11 Round specimen clamping diameter range mm Φ 13 ?Φ 60 Φ 15 ?Φ 70
12 Flat specimen clamping thickness range mm 0-40 0~50
13 Flat specimen clamping width mm 125 140
14 Upper and lower platen size (mm) 204*204 204*204
15 Curved stick spacing mm 100 1000
16 Bending rod width mm 140 140
17 Allowable bending mm 150 190
18 Oil pump motor power kW 3 7
19 Deformation measuring device Extensometer
20 Test space adjustment mechanism Ordinary motor worm gear
twenty one Safety device Software protection and mechanical limit protection
twenty two Overload protection 2%-5%
twenty three Test software configuration Trial software
twenty four Mainframe dimensions (including piston stroke) mm 1255*860*3900 1510*1040*4700
25 Control cabinet dimensions Integrated control cabinet 1100*700*930
26 Piston moving speed (mm/min) ≥50


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