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VC-1195A Valve Controller


The VC-1195A is a 4-way dispensing valve controller that can be used to control one or two dispensing valves with dual air ports for 4 way pneumatic operation simultaneously. The secondary air input will close a valve faster than using the valve’s internal return spring, providing an increase in speed and suck-back.

The VC-1195A is designed to be used with the 790HPNM, LV-0126NM, VDP150, VMP30H, VP300, and MV-0180NM valves.


• Improves a valve’s operational speed and suck-back
• Increases shot size accuracy
• Simultaneous control of two valves
• Timing interval from 0.01 to 31 seconds
• Fast response internal pneumatic solenoid

VC-1195A     Valve Controller 110V
VCE-1195A     Valve Controller 220V CE

Digital timer:     Adjustable from 0.01-30 seconds
Cycle initiation:     Manual or Timed
Repeat tolerance:     0.1%
Internal voltage:     24VDC
Air input:     70-100 psi (5 – 7 bar)
Air output:     1-100 psi (0.1-7 bar)
Size:     10.50″ x 8.25″ x 2.75″ (26.67 x 20.95 x 6.98cm)
Weight:     4lbs 3oz ( 1.90kg)


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