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MV-0180LF Micro-shot Valve


The MV-0810LF needle valve is designed for dispensing micro-liter sized shots of adhesives, solvents, alcohols, and other low viscosity materials. The pencil-type grip makes the valve suitable for either hand-held or bench applications. Shot sizes may be fine tuned by turning the adjuster at the top of the needle valve.


• Suitable to dispense adhesives, solvents, and alcohols
• Available in Stainless Steel and Plastic
• Stroke adjustment to fine-tune shot size
• Lightweight design for hand-held dispensing
• Engineered for micro-shot deposits

Models and Accessories
MV-0180LF     Valve, aluminum body
MV-0180SS     Valve with a stainless steel body for UV cure resins
MV-0180-PLF     Valve with a plastic fluid body for anaerobic materials
561716     Pistol Grip Attachment
DSP501N     Dispenser 110V
DSPE501N     Dispenser 220V CE
VC-1195A     Valve Controller 4-way 110V
VCE-1195A     Valve Controller 4-way 220V CE


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