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XGB Series


XGB series is the micro PLC that offers maximum automation at minimum cost. With its high performance and functionality, it can support from simple control to complex task. Strengthening its communication functions, XGB offers user-oriented integrated control. Based on its strengths, it can be used in many fields of applications.



Features :

XGB, which is a micro PLC that offers maximum automation value at minimum cost, Is capable of handling most tasks from simple to complex control with high performance and functionality. (XEC: IEC Standard Programming)

Compactness & High Performance

  • XGB is more compact but provides powerful functions and performance.
  • Compact & Powerful solutions & XGB’s steadfast competitiveness.





· XBM Modular Type XBC E-Type XBC S-Type XBC/XEC H-Type
Max. I/O Points 256 38 256 384
Processing Speed 160 ns/step 240 ns/step 94 ns/step 83 ns/step
Expansions 7 Stages Only 2 Options 7 Stages (Expansion + Option) 10 Stages



Easiness & Convenience

XGB offers convenient user interface with various network diagnosis & monitoring functions and back-up function


Integrated programming environment

  • Enhanced user interface with XG5000/XG-PD
  • Various monitoring functions.
  • Network diagnosis and monitoring


Optimum communication environment

  • Powerful communications: Built-in RS-232C / 485, 2 Expansions for communication
  • Network configuration via Ethernet and Cnet I/F






Specifications :


Main Unit (DC Power)




Control method Repetitive, cyclic, interrupt, constant scan
I/O control mode Refresh mode (Batch processing by scan synchronization)
Program language Ladder Diagram, Instruction list
No. of instructions Basic: 28, Applied: 677
Processing speed 0.16㎲ / Step (for basic instruction)
Program capacity 10k steps
Max. I/O points 464 points (Main+7expansions) 480 points
Data memory P P0000 ~ P127F (2,048 points)
M M0000 ~ M255F (4,096 points)
K K00000 ~ K2559F (Special area: K2600~2559F) (40,960 points)
L L00000 ~ L1279F (20,480 points)
F F000 ~ F255F (4,096 points)
T 100ms, 10ms, 1ms: T000 ~ T255 (Changeable by Parameter setting)
C C0000 ~ C2047
S S00.00 ~ S127.99
D D0000 ~ D5119 (5,120 word)
U U00.00 ~ U07.31 (Analog data refresh area: 256word)
Z Z000 ~ Z127 (128 word)
N N0000 ~ N3935 (3,936 word)
Number of program 128
Operation mode RUN, STOP, DEBUG
Self diagnosis Operation delay monitoring, memory error, I/O error, etc.
Program port RS-232C
Data retention at power failure Latch range setting at Basic parameter
Built-in function RS-232C/485, High-speed counter, PID control, Pulse catch, Input filter
External interrupt, Positioning *1)
Internal current consumption 400mA 250mA 280mA
Weight 140g 100g 110g
Rated voltage DC24V


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