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HST-H3 Heat Seal Tester

HST-H3 Heat Seal Tester didasarkan pada metode penyegelan panas, dan secara profesional berlaku untuk penentuan suhu segel panas, waktu tunda, dan tekanan berbagai film komposit untuk memandu produksi industri. Instrumen ini mengadopsi rahang penyegelan panas yang dirancang khusus, yang sepenuhnya sesuai dengan berbagai standar nasional dan internasional.


Product Features


HST-H3 Heat Seal Tester is based on the heat sealing method, and is professionally applicable to the determination of heat seal temperature, dwell time, and the pressure of various composite films to guide industrial production. The instrument adopts the specially designed heat sealing jaws, which completely conform to multiple national and international standards.

  • Digital P.I.D. temperature control technology ensures the preset temperature to be reached rapidly without any fluctuation
  • Wide range control of temperature, pressure and time that meet various test conditions
  • Manual or pedal switch, as well as anti-scald design provides convenient and safe operating environment
  • The instrument is controlled by micro-computer with LCD, PVC operation panel and menu interface
  • Professional software supports remote operation for convenient data saving, exporting, and printing


HST-H3 Heat Seal Tester utilizes precision mechanical structure design. The aluminum-encapsulated heat sealing jaws ensure uniform heat spreading along the sealing surface; cylinder-controlled sealing jaws equally apply pressure upon test specimens; rapidly removable heating tube joints provide convenient operation.

  • Aluminum-encapsulated sealing jaws provide even and uniform temperature for different sealing surfaces
  • Dual underneath type of gas cylinders ensure stable pressure during the test process
  • The heating tube joints can be easily installed or removed for rapid replacement


HST-H3 Heat Seal Tester is designed based on the HST-H6 with more intelligent functions, which is the best choice for high-end users.

  • Independent temperature control of the upper and lower jaws gives multiple combinations of test conditions
  • Dual underneath and closed loop-type of gas cylinders ensure even pressure of sealing surface
  • Extended sealing surface can seal large or several specimens at the same time
  • Equipped with pedal switch for safe test operation
  • Standard RS232 port and professional software facilitate to connect with computer and data transfer

Test Principle

HST-H3 Heat Seal Tester is composed of upper and lower heat sealing jaws. Before the test, preset the heat seal temperature, pressure and dwell time value, place the specimen in between the upper and lower jaws, and then press start button. The whole sealing process can be finished automatically.

Test Standards

This test instrument conforms to the following standards:
ASTM F2029, QB/T 2358, YBB 00122003


HST-H3 Heat Seal Tester is applicable to the determination of heatsealability of:

Basic Applications
  • Films with Smooth Surface
    Including plastic films, plastic composite films, paper-plastic composite films, coextruded films, aluminized films, aluminum foils, aluminum foil composite films and many others. Heat sealing surface should be smooth and width can be designed based on user requirements.
  • Films with Decorative Pattern Surface
    Including plastic films, plastic composite films, paper-plastic composite films, coextruded films, aluminized films, aluminum foils, aluminum foil composite films and many others. Heat sealing surface can be designed based on user requirements.
Extended Applications
  • Covers of Jelly Cups
    The instrument is composed of the upper and lower jaws. The upper one is round-shape while the lower one is designed as a specimen mould whose size exactly fits the jelly cup. Put the jelly cup in the mould of lower jaw, and heat seal can be finished by upper jaw pushing. (Customization required)
  • Plastic Flexible Tubes
    The ends of plastic flexible tubes are placed in between upper and lower jaws and then sealed to form a package.

Technical Specifications

Specifications HST-H3 Heat Seal Tester
Sealing Temperature Room temperature ~ 300°C
Accuracy ±0.2°C
Dwell Time 0.1~999.9 s
Sealing Pressure 0.05 MPa ~ 0.7MPa
Sealing Area 330 mm x 10 mm (customization available)
Heating Mode Single heating surface or double heating surfaces
Gas Supply Pressure 0.5 MPa ~ 0.7MPa (outside of supply scope)
Port Size Ф6 mm PU Tubing
Instrument Dimension 536 mm (L) x 335 mm (W) x 413 mm (H)
Power Supply 220VAC 50Hz / 120VAC 60Hz
Net Weight 43 Kg


Standard Configurations
Instrument and Pedal Switch
Optional Parts
Professional Software, Communication Cable, Micro-printer and Printer Cable
1. The gas supply port of instrument is Ф6 mm PU Tubing;
2. Customers will need to prepare for gas supply.


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