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High-Power AC Induction and Electromagnetic Brake Motors

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High-Power AC Induction and Electromagnetic Brake Motors

High output power

– Conforms to global safety standards
– Support global power supplies
– 200 W (1/4 HP)
– Available shaft types:

  • Round
  • Parallel Shaft gearhead
  • Right-Angle Solid Shaft gearhead
  • Right-Angle Hollow Shaft gearhead


The BH Series motors provide 1/4 HP (200W) output power and up to 530 lb-in (60 N·m) of torque in a compact 4.09 in. sq. (104 mm sq.) mounting configuration. Motors and gearheads come pre-assembled with both parallel shaft and right-angle type gearheads.

The BH Series conforms to global power supply voltages and safety standards. The BH Series is RoHS Compliant.

Induction Motors
Electromagnetic Brake Motors


Combination Type for Easy Installation

The combination type comes with the motor and gearheads pre-assembled. This enables easy installation in equipment.


Hypoid Gear- Employed Right-Angle Gearheads

Right-angle gearheads employ hypoid gears. Hollow shaft and solid shafts are available to enable space-saving.

RoHS Compliant


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