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EI-V150180DV Dual View X-ray Cargo Scanner


Main Features

  1.  High-precision X-ray detector, making the image more clearly
  2.  With the world leading pure digital, large scale analog components realize high-speed parallel data acquisition
  3.  Small tunnel design, including the operator rights management, real time status information, reports and other user-friendly    configuration, the overall aesthetic and practical device
  4.  Advanced image processing platform, providing strong functions to operator
  5.  Meet all the applicable laws and regulations with respectable X-ray emitting devices
  6.  Penetration, resolution and other key technical specifications have reached or exceeded the national standard GB15208-2005
  7.  For public places conference, government offices and other important places


Tunnel Size 1023mm(W)×822 mm(H)
Conveyor Speed 0.2m/s
Conveyor Height 300 mm
Max. Load 200 kg(Evenly distributed)
System Noise <60dB(A)
Image Resolution 17’’LCD 1280×1024

X-Ray Generator
Multi-energy L photoelectric diode array detector
Optional Function

  • High Density Area Alarm
  • Black Box
  • TIP Threat Image Projection
  • OTP Operator Training Program
  • One Key To Shutdown
  • Environment Protection and Energy Saving.


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