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EI-MD2000A Standard Walk-through Metal Detector Gate


Public Entertainment Places/Public Security System/Government Office/Conference Center/Tourist Places/Border Crossing
General Specification:

Size/Weight 2230mm (L)*830mm (W)*580mm (H)/65KG
Tunnel Size 2000mm (L)*710mm (W)*500mm (H)
Power Supply External power adapter, AC85-264V/47.5-60HZ
Power Consumption <15W
Working Temperature -20℃~+50℃
Detection Sensitivity 6 detecting area, with high-brightness LED alarm, Precise positioning the location of hiding contraband.
Sensitivity Level 255 level adjustable for each detecting area
Frequency Setup 100 optional working frequency
Operation Authorization Password protection allows only authorized personnel operate
Throughput 100 people/min

Product Introduction:
EI-MD2000A high sensitivity digital walkthrough metal detector use excellent electromagnetic testing and digital processing technology, has high detection sensitivity of the magnetic metal and nonmagnetic metal, and good recognition for personal items such as coins, keys, belt buckle, etc.
multi-layered overlapping coil design, with high-brightness LEDs to show the horizontal position of metal objects accurately, which can be easy for operator to make judgment.


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