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EI-10080DV Dual View X-ray Cargo Scanner


Technology Features

  • Shiny clear images
  • Sophisticated design with multi-functions operator interface
  • High- resolution
  • Can increase the conveyor speed to 0.3m/s(Customized)
  • Collection the high-speed parallel of detection data
  • With network interface to achieve total network management
  • Support JPG & BMP image transformation format to USB

Public Security Organs, Tourist Attractions, Museums,Exhibition Halls ,Conference Center
General Specification

Tunnel size 1023mm (W) x822mm (H)
Conveyor Speed 0.2 m/s&0.4M/S
Conveyor Height 687 mm
Max. Load 200kg (Evenly distributed)
Spatial Resolution Horizontal: Φ1.0 mm Vertical: Φ1.0 mm
Image Resolution 19’’LED (Single Display)

X-Ray Security

Leakage < 1μGy/h (5cm distance from outer), According to the national and international Safety standard
Film Safty According to the ISO1600 (33DIN) High speed standard


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