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DB815 & DB815-SB Manual Liquid Dispensers


A basic air-powered system, floor mounted and foot actuated. Includes a three-way air valve and built in air regulator, ideal for non-critical dispensing operations. As long as the foot pedal is depressed, fluid will be dispensed.

The unit is suitable for all types of fluids. The model with suck-back option ensures that low viscosity liquids do not drip.


• Economical and simple to use
• Wide range of applications
• Suck-Back feature ensures no dripping
• Heavy duty design


Size DB815:     4.50″ x 8.50 “x 4.88″ (11.43 x 21.59 x 12.40cm)
Size DB815-SB:     4.50” x 8.50 “x 5.38” (11.43 x 21.59 x 13.66cm)
Cycle:     Continuously maintained by user
Foot pedal:     Air valve integral in unit
Air input:     70 to 100 psi (5 to 7 bar)
Air output:     1-100 psi (0.1 7 bar)
Weight:     DB815 : 3.50 Ibs (1.59 kg)
DB815-SB: 3.80 Ibs (1.73Kg)


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